ZERMA GSH heavy duty granulator In the granulation stage the shredded tire chips are ground down to a crumb size of approximately 4mm.
At this point the material is virtually metal free and can be used in various applications or processed further in a pulverizer to achieve a finer powder.

For this application the GSH granulators are equipped with special wear resistant components. This wear protection includes housing wear plates and screens manufactured from highly wear resistant steels as well as hard facing of critical areas.

4mm In order to increase the throughput, ZERMA's twin screw force feeder can be used on the granulators.

Specifications and Dimensions

Type 700/1000800/1200
Rotor diameter (mm) 700800
Rotor width (mm) 10001200
Number of rotor knives 7 x 29 x 2
Number of stator knives 33
A (mm) 22002320
B (mm) 20802200
C (mm) 17002000
D (mm) 10601380
E (mm) 31803780
GSH Heavy Duty Granulator Drawing